Sweet and Simple Apartment Redo in Paris

From on April 30, 2010 in General Remodel

An understated design for an overstated city

It’s true, living in a spectacular big city means that your living space can get away with murder. That’s because a simple design leaves room for the city to do all the talking. Such is the case with this Paris apartment remodel by Phillipe Harden.

paris apartment hallway

A dark hallway with only a few color touches gives off the subtle feel of a starlit night sky without being too foreboding.

paris apartment kitchen

And check out the kitchen – it stays more than true to the minimalist mentality. In fact, it seems to take simple design to a whole new level. Dark walls make the tiny bursts of color that much more special.

This picture of the bedroom shows just a sneak peak of the beautiful stark-white crown molding that brings a classic touch.

paris apartment bathroom

The bathroom makes a return to modern with this boxy design. However, the faucet and showerhead seem to be placed in a bit of a precarious position. Oh, Europe…

paris apartment living room

With significantly more personality than the other spaces, this sitting room has a faux fireplace and awesome lifelike stone cushions. It even manages to feel Parisian.

While the overall design may not scream comfort, I’m sure the surroundings more than make up for it. Just a guess.