Summer Reading Den: Creating a Dynamic In-House Library

From on July 06, 2010 in General Remodel

You enter July, stacking up the pile of summer reading under the hope that you’ll somehow have more leisure time. You know you’re bound for those classics you’ve meant to get to, perhaps even Ulysses (you ambitious one, you) and yes, that guilty pleasure you picked up at the airport. While outdoor reading and fun in the sun sound ideal, you can’t spend all of your time in a hammock or on that beachside vacation. Unfortunately. Creating a well-oiled home library allows for more easily accessible summer reading, and a culture of learning and literacy in your dwelling. Get in your outdoor time, but also enjoy a summer breeze through your home and proximity to iced tea inside. Whether yours is a spacious room with two-story built-in bookshelves or a simple corner with a chair and pile of books, these 5 elements turn a so-so reading area into a dynamic in-house library.

#1 – Lighting

home library lighting

Sturdy and classic, this Pottery Barn Hayes Task Floor Lamp adjusts in height and direction to shine a cozy concentration of light directly onto your reading material.

#2 – Seating

home library seating

It goes without saying that seating must be something you can sink into for, say, 500 pages. A coffee table or ottoman lets you kick up your feet. Make sure the seating itself supports your lower back. For the Rolls Royce of lounge chairs, go with the world-famous Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. (A lookalike will do just as well.)

#3 – Cool Library-ish Décor

home library decor

Don’t forget the fun details that create a readerly atmosphere, like globes, busts and art. This is a room for learning and exploration, and such details will reflect it.

#4 – Shelving

home library shelving

When built-in shelves aren’t an option, there are plenty of portable shelves that look just as classy and can provide some versatility to your library.

#5 – Nesting Table

home library table

The culture of your sitting will be revolutionized with the use of a small side table. Nesting tables provide the perfect surface—one for your coffee and one for piles of magazines and literature. Separate the tables for use across the room, or tuck the unused table in its nest.