Staging your home for resale

From on August 15, 2008 in General Remodel

house rof saleAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am among the many homeowners currently trying to sell their home. Part of the process of marketing a home is to highlight its assets and to down-play its detriments. This strategical maneuvering is called “staging.”

An older home, built in 1910, the rooms are smaller and not conducive to large furniture; let alone very many pieces. I’ve kept the interior design clean and simple with hardly any “extras.” I feel this makes the home appear larger, and less like I’m trying to distract buyers from the structural elements. I continued this strategy to the furniture as well. I chose era-specific antique pieces that are smaller and more practical than modern furniture. This, along with keeping to more of a classic traditional style in our remodeling, works to create a general atmosphere of pleasant years gone by.

Another way we worked to distract from the small nature of our home was to maximize the lighting. We accomplished this by painting the rooms bright and cheery colors, and only using sheers with hidden blinds on the windows.

Another part of staging is to keep the home as clean and presentable as possible. We invested in some air-tight plastic containers, and packed as much away into storage as possible. This aides in downplaying our limited storage and small closets. We also gave our yard some extra attention including: patching the cobblestone pathways, staining the concrete patio, arranging some old fashioned outdoor furniture, and planting flowers anywhere and everywhere we could.

Do your best to make a good first impression, and then enjoy the results of your labor while you patiently wait. If nothing else, you’ll always be ready for company to pop-in unexpected! Request free estimates from prescreened remodeling contractors in your area to help make your home as attractive as possible.