Stack 'em up: New Vitra Haus Design

From on March 03, 2010 in General Remodel

vitra campus stacked houses

If the design of the Vitra Campus is any indication of what’s inside, then this German museum of architecture could keep most people entertained for hours. The work of many top architects have already been displayed here for quite some time, but the museum’s new space for its Home Collection could bring an even greater influx of fascinated oglers.

vitra campus architecture museum

This addition is shaped like a series of houses stacked atop each other like a child’s set of Lincoln logs, and brings a whole new meaning to space-saving. It was designed by Herzog & de Meuron in an attempt to showcase new home remodels and product ideas for the modern-day consumer.

vitra campus window staircase

The new section of the Vitra Campus is also an indication that the tide is shifting away from business and office design toward the individual interested in new technology and innovative ideas for their home. I think I may be more interested in the structure itself than what’s inside…

vitra campus sitting roomvitra campus design