Sleek Desert Retreat Made of Nothing but Steel

From on March 19, 2010 in General Remodel

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Sometimes innovative design trumps all logistical concerns. Sometimes the elements control a design plan. But sometimes, if you’re really lucky, both come together to form a unique home that actually works with its environment. Such was the case with David McAdams’ owner-designed desert retreat just on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park near Palm Springs, California.

steel homeMcAdams knew immediately that wood materials should be avoided at all costs, considering the intense and unrelenting heat of the desert sun. Looking at his options, he decided instead that using a steel structure would be the innovative and cost-friendly route to take. Plus, it would offer the sustainability he was looking for.

steel home living room

In the end, he settled on lightweight steel from ASC Profiles that wouldn’t twist, bend or rust. When the pieces were delivered, they were assembled on-site for an easy prefabricated homebuilding process. In addition, the structure was not dependent on interior walls, lending itself well to an open floor plan and access to the outdoors. The different rooms were separated simply by thin bamboo walls to offer a sense of privacy.

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One of the obstacles that McAdams and his team had to overcome was the steel’s tendency to make spaces extremely hot or cold depending on the weather outside. The solution was the insertion of steel studs insulated with polystyrene foam.

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Once the project was completed, McAdams realized the potential for marketing this type of steel as the perfect material for homebuilding. Teaming up with former colleague Robert Brada, they started a company together called Blue Sky Homes. Now on the cutting edge of steel-based prefabricated homes, this environmentally friendly idea is sure to soar.

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