Seasonal Display Ideas

From on October 31, 2008 in General Remodel

Happy Halloween! The fun is just beginning, and you may be sad at the end of the day when it’s over and all the spooky decorations are dismantled and tossed or put away for the year. It will be time to think of a whole new range of display possibilities for the coming weeks. Thanksgiving is the next major holiday and it makes a great theme for new porch decorations and seasonal arrangements in living, dining, and family rooms. Explore the Farmer’s Markets You may have some uncarved pumpkins and gourds on hand already, and these wonderful accents are still readily available in farmer’s markets and grocery stores. It’s hard to beat these long lasting, weather resistant classics for use in outdoor displays. I found some lovely ideas at A Story Book Life, where lots of color photos show creative ways to feature pumpkins and gourds along with options including baskets, dried corn, and colorful mums. One possibility: weave a wreath of grapevines! Gather Plants and Flowers Another source of creative fall display ideas is Rafter Tales, where the focus is on bringing the outdoors in with flowers, both real and dried. If you have access to open countryside, you might enjoy teaming up with a nature-loving friend or family members and taking advantage of this suggestion: “Choosing materials and fresh foliage for your floral arrangements and tablescapes can become a fun adventure as you go outdoors to gather grasses, leaves, seed pods, interesting gourds and squashes, pine cones, cattails, goldenrod, berry branches and other fall plants in bloom or turning color.” You’ll find a lot of photographs at this website, too, to get your creative juices going. Get Inspiration from Super-Sized Displays I also love the approach of Jason Reeves, a research horticulturist, who says, “If you have enough of anything, it becomes interesting.” A couple of photos showing his ingenious interpretations with fall produce can be seen at Commercial Appeal. It’s always fun to draw inspiration from flamboyant, super-sized displays because it gives you ideas for what you can do on a much smaller scale and still create a great look. If you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer, but love that handmade look, you might opt for ready-made wreaths and floral accents from sources like Floral Home Décor and Designer Silk Plants and Flowers. With all these ideas, you may not know where to begin, so a great first step is simply to clear the decks by sweeping and cleaning and generally refreshing the areas where new displays will go. Then you can just enjoy the fresh blank slate for a while, until your ideas for new seasonal displays are ready to take form.