Rising like a Shadow in the Sky - The Slit House

From on March 11, 2010 in General Remodel

slit house remodelAtelier Zhanglei wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else in the world for this contemporary beauty. Situated in Nanjing City, China, the Slit House mirrors in dimension the architecture of neighboring 1920s homes, but instead of using the same traditional brick façade, Zhanglei employed an impressive concrete and wood textile strip. It’s visually striking, modern through and through, and yet retains strong echoes of its locale and historical context.

slit house wood flooringslit house landscaping

But, of course, it’s the large slit through the center of the house that makes this an exciting construction, offering both a glimpse inside the unique structure while allowing for total privacy from neighboring properties. It would be tempting for some to make a project like this stand out, but the natural-look veneer allows Slit House to blend in with the existing homes, seeming to rise like a shadow in the sky.

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