Remodeling your Old or New Condo

From on August 14, 2008 in General Remodel

condo interior decorWhen you are trying to remodel something small and packed with a little bit of everything, it can be challenging to create the cozy-home feeling. I recently went window shopping in my neighborhood and took a look at some condos that were for sale. Some were old and some were new. Some were open and spacious and some were closed and boxy. Regardless, the great thing about pretty much every place was the POTENTIAL! In your case, you may not like the style of some part of your condo, but that’s ok. The best part about having your own place is making it your own place.

There’s nothing I love doing more than decorating and remodeling. I’ve been in the same boat, and these simple ideas helped me make the condo cozy.

  • Start with the colors you’d like to see in your condo. A good way to establish this is by blending in colors that go with the location of your condo. Also, establish the feeling you want to create.
  • Try moving walls to open up space.
  • Depending on the condo size, do not put huge appliances in the kitchen.
  • Be simple, yet bold with pieces you choose to decorate with.
  • Do lots of research to get inspired!

Here’s a link that can help you with inspiration. Remember to have fun, stay simple, and make an impression with the something old and something new!