Remodeling the Garage

From on August 07, 2008 in General Remodel

garage remodelingRecently we discussed some of Dad’s favorite remodel ideas, and on that list was the garage, many a Dad’s home within the home. That was the general idea, here we’ll try to get a bit more specific with some ideas and tips for getting that garage remodel started.

Unfortunately for Dad, the most popular garage transformation involves turning it into more living space.

Utilizing the garage for extra living space is a popular remodel for several reasons. For one, you save money because the walls, foundation, and roof are already there. Secondly, garages can often be remodeled without too much disruption to the rest of the house.

Get a permit.

In some areas, you may not need a building permit to finish your garage. However, you should always check. There are several factors that could result in a permit requirement, from structure to exits to insulation and more.

Check insulation.

Newer garages are usually insulated when the house is built, but older garages and even homes may be a different story. If the walls are unfinished then insulating will be an easy and obvious step. If walls are already sheet-rocked, determine whether there is insulation. You can have insulation blown into the wall through the existing drywall (or siding from the outside).

Many garages have few windows, some have no windows. So integrating new, perhaps more energy-efficient windows into your design will certainly be an important consideration.

Heating, cooling and lighting are also important issues.

Most garages have at least a few outlets and one ceiling light. If you are using the space for a new kitchen, plumbing will be a major concern. Having a clear vision of what you want is key and will expedite your communications with your remodeling contractor.