Remodeling Ideas for the Crowded House

From on June 17, 2008 in General Remodel

garage sale
Is your family outgrowing your house? Are you overwhelmed every time you open an overcrowded cupboard or closet? It may not be the best time to sell your home for a larger one, or you may not want to leave your current home, but there are several ways to remodel that will make your home more functional and enjoyable.

A good starting point is to remove all excess. Sort through your belongings and eliminate anything that you don’t really need. Have a garage sale and earn a little money to put towards your renovation project.

The first thought is to build an addition. Is your home conducive to building an addition? Adding more space will immediately solve your problems. If you can’t add a room, maybe you can convert the attic, garage, or basement into living space. If you can’t build out, what about building up as the couple in this article did? It actually can cost less to add a second story than to build a new room. The reason is that you avoid the cost of a new foundation, and the plumbing and electrical will be closer to install.

Organization is very important. A well-organized home will help to alleviate some of the pains of overcrowding. Build a storage shed to remove any excess from the house. If lack of closet space is a factor, look for areas to squeeze-in storage. Perhaps you can build a closet into a room, create a window seat with cabinets, build shelves in the garage, or add an island to a kitchen.

If you are tired of fighting your overcrowded home, now is the time to request free estimates from licensed contractors in your area.