Remodeling for Charity: Brad Pitt Helps Rebuild New Orleans, Part 5 of 5

From on August 28, 2009 in General Remodel

charity make it rightdonate to make it right new orleansIt’s been a wonderful week showcasing charitable builders. These people flock in droves to worksites across the country for the sake of giving. Imagine opening your door to hundreds of hammer-holstered volunteers ready to makeover your kitchen in a matter of days. We’re so proud of their hard work, not to mention warm and tingly for the impoverished families that truly needed a helping hand.

So without further ado, CalFinder presents Make It Right, Brad Pitt’s own organization that focuses on rebuilding New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. Their current build? The critical Lower Ninth Ward housing project, future home to dozens of displaced families.

Make It Right

By S. Kim Henson

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Brad Pitt’s initial visit to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina disturbed him; he was shaken by the devastation. Pitt began working with Global Green to formulate a plan for rebuilding this culturally diverse city. He worked with local experts and leading architects from all over the world. According to Architectural Record, new designs “feature pared-down geometries that harmonize with traditional regional expression.” These homes are not only functional, but incredibly beautiful. The first eight of 150 houses are now completed and those families have already returned home.

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“You have no idea what a high it is for me to see the delight on people’s faces when they see how these homes work,” Pitt said in an interview. Homeowners-to-be and their children are simply thrilled to finally come home. To have a permanent house to live in again, one woman said, “It’d be heaven.” A little boy commented, “I’d be the happiest child on earth.” And that’s just what he’ll be. Pitt raised millions of dollars for these homes, in large part from other big actors like Lawrence Fishburne, David Spade and comedic genius Will Ferrell, who sponsored an entire home. Hundreds of hard-hit families will soon return to sustainable, safe and healthy houses that preserve the spirit of New Orleans culture.

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Want to help Pitt rebuild New Orleans? Every little bit helps. Donate here.

charity make right tennessee street new orleans

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