Remodel with Ornamental Wrought Iron

From on September 23, 2009 in General Remodel

In the olden days, small towns were fairly self-sustaining, able to take care of all their needs right there in one tiny locale. Along with some of the other regular shops (saloon, general store, post master, etc.), you could find an iron wright. These men served the town by hand-crafting things like nails, hinges, fencing, door latches, locks and many other things, both necessary and decorative. Today the art of hand-crafting wrought iron is far from dead. There are many skilled shops around the country that can deliver this ancient trade in much the same tradition as it was carried out hundreds of years ago. You can use wrought iron for anything, although you don’t see a whole lot of it around today. It makes a dramatic difference in so many parts of the home, bringing an old-world, solid and classic look of strength. shoreline ornamental wrought iron long beach california Earl and Janis Opie started their ornamental wrought iron company out of a desire to fill a gap in the industry. They could not locate a nearby manufacturer of the wrought iron brackets they sought, so they decided to open their own business. Their shop, Shoreline Ornamental Iron, is located in Long Beach, California. All pieces from Shoreline are hand-forged and range anywhere from typically common to outrageously unique. Their catalog is extensive and includes great pieces like brackets, crosses, wall plaques, candle holders, candle sconces and other decorative works. Wrought iron, aside from being stately and attractive, demonstrates immense strength and durability, requires very little maintenance, contains no plastics or formaldehyde, and if taken care of properly, will likely never have to be repaired, replaced or dumped in a landfill. It’s also a great way to support artisans committed to making high-quality pieces in a responsible manner, as well as keeping the trades and practices of our heritage alive.