Putting the Personal Touch in Picture Frames

From on October 21, 2008 in General Remodel

Picture Frame

Pictures and picture frames are great home accessories that definitely incorporate your own personal taste and style. Although you could buy picture frames from a variety of sources, the best way to give a frame that personal touch is to create it yourself. When you do, make sure you use the right adhesive for the type of frame you are creating. For instance, wood and plastic would require different adhesives. Do make sure that any glues or adhesives you use are photo safe. Your local craft or photo shop will be able to help with suggestions and products to use. With every surface you work with, such as the frame, matting, or glass, make sure it is clean and dry.

Keep your room decor in mind when creating or buying frames and try to visualize your final goal. Wider, flatter frames work best when adding embellishments to the outside of edges, and rounded, narrower frames work for decorating with matting. The possibilities for presenting your photos or art work are endless; let your imagination run to produce stunning results. Here are some ideas taken from frames around my house; make them your own or build on the ideas!

  • Find an old multi-paned window for a rustic look. It’s great for several photos displayed at once. These are great for any of the cottage or eclectic styles.
  • Shadow boxes can be decorated with memorable items to fit with each picture, making it more personalized. Shadow boxes can be as simple as a shoe box for a kid’s room or as detailed as a multiple-box design for a main piece in the family room.
  • Scrapbooking and craft supplies can embellish any flat frame by gluing letters to spell a name, phrase, sentiment, or title for each photo. Scrapbooking supplies will also have matting, stamps, stencils, etc. for decorating anything within the frame.
  • Old plates can hold a photo, and then be hung with a plate hanger. One year, my sister made gifts for all the guys. She picked up some clear glass plates from a thrift shop, covered them in filigree (silver for the Cowboys and gold for the 49ers), cut out star players from sports magazines, added a logo and a title, sealed them with a clear coat, and voila, each guy had his very own football plate framing his favorite football star. You could also do the same with photos.
  • Bulletin boards make interesting frames and can hold all types of photos, drawings, or any specialty item, all together in one place. We use cork board for what we call “wish boards.” They are a collage of photos, magazine clippings, poems, or sayings. You can use cork board for anything you want to frame. Embellish the frame by painting, staining, or decorating it. They come in all sizes to fit a small space or cover a whole wall. They can get pricey when new, but often you can find them secondhand, and even if they are damaged, you are covering them, so no one will ever know.
  • I also have a piece of plywood that I rasped down the edges, stained, and used to make a collage of photos, cards, and birth announcements of my five sons from the ages of two and younger. I used decoupage to seal it. It has been the center of many conversations throughout the years, especially when those boys bring over the grandchildren and everyone starts comparing.
  • Of course, there are always the traditional frames to be found, but why spend the price for a new one? Garage sales offer many a frame. An old plastic or wooden frame, repainted or distressed, can make a work of art, poster, or a special moment stand out as a centerpiece for the hall gallery or over the mantle. Thrift shops always have glass, silver, porcelain, and sometimes antique frames you will never find in the department store. Visiting these places also lends to some great ideas of their own and will get your creative juices going. The next time you pass a junk store or flea market, make it your goal to find a frame to work with.

Whatever the look or decor you are trying to enhance, give it your personal touch in frames. Oh yes, they make great gifts too!