Prefab Possibilities

From on July 18, 2008 in General Remodel

PreFab HouseThe world of prefabricated building is accelerating. From modular homes to structurally insulated panels, prefab building is quicker, often cheaper, and greener than traditional, site-built structures. Here are some fun prefab possibilities for you to kick around:

Prefab Outbuildings

These structures, from saunas to garden sheds, have long been common in Europe and Scandinavia. And now they are making a footprint in the United States as well. Manufactured in kits in several styles, you can easily have your small workshop or playhouse up in no time.

Modular Homes

Of course, prefabricated possibilities are not limited to just a shed or a sauna. The modular movement encompasses all, from the basic, “just gimme a roof” house to very custom, high end homes. Modular homes create less waste, are tightly insulated, and are as unique as you want them to be.

Everything Else

With the coming onslaught of modular homes, it seems that anything can be prefabricated in the warehouse before ever seeing the light of day. Of course cabinets, countertops, tub/showers – these have long been built off-site. But wall panels including windows, stairs, shelving, storage, etc. can all be manufactured in-house (but not yours). The possibilities seem endless. The entirety of homes, it seems, can be prefab. And what’s great is that there is no apparent loss in quality, only cost and time, and those are things we don’t mind cutting back on!