Polka Dots – Are They for You?

From on October 13, 2008 in General Remodel

Polka Dot RoomPolka dots are common on children’s toys and clothing, but where do they fit in in your home? The free-spirited pattern of equally spaced or randomly arranged dots can be surprisingly versatile. In a child’s room, multicolored polka dots of different sizes can be playful and fun. In a modern living room, evenly spaced, black and white polka dots lend formality and turn up the hip factor. When you’re in the mood for their whimsical appeal, one easy place to apply polka dots is in fabrics and furnishings.

In the world of interior design, Domino Magazine style editor Kim Ficaro features a bold bedroom done in black and white polka dots on window and bedding treatments against walls and carpeting in bright red. Domino, which features home design products and shopping information for all of them, has an additional group of polka dot items for consideration, including wallpaper and dishes.

Msn.com shopping tells readers, “Patterns consisting of evenly-spaced circles were common in ancient civilizations from the Mayans to the Minoans, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that it became a ubiquitous fabric motif in clothing and decorative fabrics. A further resurgence in popularity in the 60s during the pop art movement reflected its whimsical appeal which has endured to the present day.” Featured for your shopping pleasure are 28 polka dot items including towels, pillow shams, and lampshades: Home Décor Pattern, Polka Dots.

One thing I’ll say, even though I’m not a major polka dot fan myself, I was in a really good mood after I looked at a couple dozen sources on polka dots. You might want to try tripping around a few polka dot links and see if they have the same cheerful, fun effect on you!