Outgrowing Brick-n-Board Shelving

From on October 21, 2008 in General Remodel

Coming of age in the 70s, the ultimate creative shelving of college and grad students was the brick-n-board variety. I fondly remember spray painting cement blocks and staining plain pine boards cut in various lengths to make shelves. Sort of like tinker toys for young adults; the mix and match potential for height and width was endless. In more recent years, the commercially available options for great shelving components have expanded enormously. And the options are so well done and often so affordable, it leaves those old brick-n-board set-ups in the dust. Just as vinyl records segued into tapes, then CDs and now digital downloads, the advances in shelving materials are about as slick. All the home improvement emporiums have aisles devoted to shelving components of different styles: coated wire mesh shelving, solid plank covered with laminate, wood, etc. Each style has its own selection of hardware, brackets, and assembly guides that include ideas for creating closet systems and so forth. IKEA and Organize.com are examples of sources for interesting shelving units in various styles and finishes. From narrow to wide, short to tall, the shelves can be freestanding or wall-mounted. So many styles are available that no matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your shelves, there are different types to meet your needs. For home office shelving, Staples and Office Depot are well supplied with options in wood, stainless and glass, and laminated finishes. Whether you want shelving to place on top of your desk or office credenza, or shelving to line walls, divide areas of the room, or turn an office closet into an efficient storage zone, you’ll find solutions galore. The packaging and assembly instructions for boxed units are so simple and well-designed that many even include special tools, such as allen wrenches, to complete the assembly. Shelves are not only functional, they offer a design opportunity as well. You can make quite a statement with your home entertainment stands. Or turn your kitchen into a professional gourmet center. Children’s rooms can be beautifully accented with storage shelving that shows off toys, quilts, and photographs. When you’ve got wonderful things, why not enjoy them all the more with creative shelving units to organize and display the abundance?