Makeover Fit for a Cookie King: The Otis Spunkmeyer Remodel

From on September 24, 2010 in General Remodel

otis spunkmeyer living room

Delicious frozen cookie dough isn’t the only sweet thing that Otis Spunkmeyer founder Kenneth Rawlings is offering to the world. His Tudor-style home in Northern California, designed by architect Albert Farr and built by Piedmont architect Axel Cederborg in 1931, showed for the first time to 160 people in last week’s inaugural open house.

otis spunkmeyer dining room

The home offers a room for every occasion, including a ballroom, and unparalleled views of San Francisco’s bay area. Originally sold in 1931 for $47,178, the half-acre property recently hit the market with a $12 million listing.

After experiencing the mansion in its original condition for 10 years, Ken Rawlings hired architect Fred Karren to remodel the estate. Rawlings was amazed that Cederborg was able to construct such a building with early 20th-century tools. “It’s tough to find homes that have genuinely stood the test of time like this one,” Rawlings says.

otis spunkmeyer kitchen remodel

Renovations included knocking out a lot of walls to change the interior from its period-style compartmentalized spaces to an open, more expansive layout. They even took out an elevator in their way to open up the spacious home.

The modernized layout now includes a billiard room, media room and full bar, and Rawlings’ office overlooks Lake Merritt. Yet much of the 1930’s feel has deliberately been preserved. The size and history of the home, as well as the high profile of its owner, have made this an item of much local interest.