Origami Architecture at its Best

From on April 05, 2010 in General Remodel

My experience with origami started and ended with a third-grade project that left me in tears. But seeing this origami masterpiece by Japanese artist Wataru Itou, who spent four years building it, made me want to take another stab at the art form. oragami architecture cityoragami architecture towers Perhaps the most amazing part of this massive project is the small list of supplies the artist used: knives, scissors, hole punches and modeling glue. It makes your DIY endeavors seem like a cinch, doesn’t it? oragami architecture ferris wheel And as if the design weren’t enough, the small city actually has real electrical lighting, complete with a color shifting system and moving parts. Special touches, like cranes and construction equipment, were added to make the entire structure look like a work in progress. In addition, just like a real city, there are a plethora of sidewalks, paths and doorways. oragami architecture lighting Honestly, who wouldn’t be impressed by this masterpiece? It makes any project seem possible.