One-Stop-Shopping with SC Construction

From on March 06, 2009 in General Remodel


Amir Sadighi, President of SC Construction, compares the Design-Build experience to shopping at Costco:

“It’s kind of like going to Costco to get your tires changed, oil changed, order prescription glasses, print pictures, sign up for cell phone service, sign up for trips, buy foods and clothing, sample foods, and eat a meal, all in one place where all items and services have been prescreened and approved according to their standards, and the customers get everything at a discount.”

According to Amir, property owners, managers, and institutions opting for a Design-Build, “one-stop-shopping” experience bring their projects to reality in the most efficient way.

“Clients will remain indirectly in control over their projects without the constant time consuming interruptions by designers, city officials, and contractors,” Amir says. “This will also provide the owners a more professional end result, because the project will not be pieced together by a low bid architect, followed by a low bid engineer, followed by either a low bid general contractor or bunch of low bid subcontractors who all are on different levels of mentality and quality and performance.”

How does “one-stop-shopping” work?

With a company like SC Construction, clients work directly with the company president, who is also the in-house designer. “We propose designs and materials based on our experience and the client will accept it or ask for a modified version of it. After the initial designs are communicated to me, I will meet with my consultant and the clients, and we will put actual lines on paper.”


Amir has studied buildings and designs all over the world. He strongly believes that homeowners save time, aggravation, and money by working with a skilled in-house designer. “Very few contractors have the ability to provide this service with a successful end result,” he says. “Our end results speak for themselves. We have no callbacks.”

sckitchen.jpgSC Construction Corporation acts as the clients’ safekeeper, coordinating between all the consultants and designers, the building department, and the utility companies and controlling the budget and schedule during the process. Instead of dealing with 5 or 6 entities the clients will only deal with one entity, who has already filtered and resolved most of the issues and headaches.

“The clients are indirectly still in control because they have to write the checks.”

Remodeling photos by SC Construction.