Nurturing the Remodeler in You: 20 Winter Remodeling Projects, Part I

From on November 01, 2007 in General Remodel

winter remodelOur recent two-part series on autumn remodeling geared you up for the winter, taking you through various steps to fortify the home against coming weather changes. Once weatherproofing and maintenance concerns are attended to, relaxing in the safe haven of your home will feel that much more pleasant. However, spending more time indoors during the winter doesn’t mean that home improvement projects must come to a halt. Remodeling is a year-round activity, and certified home improvement contractors are always available to help you.

So, keep your list of projects handy, paying special mind to items geared toward indoor improvement. As you come up with ideas, continue adding to your list for the next season to come. Just as your autumn prep makes standing up to cold weather a cinch, winter remodeling can touch up your home in anticipation for spring regeneration. To further inspire and prompt you to tend to waiting projects, we’ve made a list of 20 unique remodeling ideas distributed across 5 rooms: the basement, kitchen, bathroom, family room, and bedroom. Included in Part I of this series are the first 8 items. Look forward to the remaining twelve in an upcoming post!

Basement Possibilities

  1. mudroomEstablish a mud room. Word is, mudrooms are the new thing for active families. They typically encompass a practical, second entrance where wet boots, umbrellas, and coats are deposited to dry off. Extra clutter such as an overflow of mail or laundry gets dropped off here as well, and families with dogs have a convenient place to let furry friends dry off. A mudroom can be sectioned off from the basement with a wall and door. More about mud rooms >>
  2. Build a closet. As casual living spaces, basement often get stuck with all the clutter. If you don’t have space for a mudroom, section off a space to organize visually unappealing shoes, tools, or last year’s Christmas ornaments.
  3. Build a wine cellar.
  4. If your basement comprises a recently refinished living space, try opening it up to the rest of your home by removing the door. That way, there will be a more natural flow from the stairway or hallway to the basement entry. More Tips for Remodeling Your Basement.

High Hopes for the Kitchen

  1. One ubiquitous word of advice regarding the kitchen: you can never have too much natural light. A homey, custom touch to lengthen and further appreciate your kitchen window: building a window seat made from ready made kitchen cabinets.
  2. Wallpaper KitchenGo with a current trend that shows no signs of fading. Wallpaper your kitchen with a pattern that reflects your personal pizzazz.
  3. A new appliance always makes you feel like you’ve done some work even though you’ve only exchanged an old product for something better. Why not get colorful with a bright new range or a vibrant-hued fridge.
  4. Want a new look for your cabinets? Rather than replacing or refacing, what about a new paint job? If you do the work yourself, brushes, primer, and paint will only cost you about $200.

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