Norstone USA: Quality Natural Stone for All Applications

From on May 10, 2010 in General Remodel

Innovative new stone installers receive the CalFinder stamp of approval

The lasting beauty and durability of natural stone is simply unrivaled. A visit to any of the world’s historic stone-built cathedrals or castles is a testament to that fact, as is the continuing popularity and high-end appeal of natural stone in home building today. Norstone USA not only perpetuates that everlasting trend, but adds their own touch of modern innovation.

Norstone’s specialty is their handmade Stacked Stone Rock Panels, a modular stacked stone cladding that has all the appeal of hand-stacked masonry but comes in panel form with greatly reduced installation time and difficulty. They are made of 100% real quarried stone and are quick and easy to work with, but do not succumb to the durability and maintenance issues that plague faux stone.

The Rock Panel is incredibly diverse as well. “Our stone is used in many different applications varying in size,” explains Ross Nuccio of Norstone, “from simple kitchen backsplashes to large-scale interior and exterior applications, such as complete residential and commercial walls, fountains, retaining walls, office buildings and even acoustically sensitive musical theatre venues.”

Rock Panels come in four different stone variations: the ever-popular Ochre Blend, Charcoal, Ivory Blend and the very rare and world-famous White Quartz. The Ochre and Ivory Rock Panels are a house blend of different quartzite stones, which create a wealth of colors not seen anywhere else. Furthermore, because they are handmade, each panel comes out unique.

With stone culled from quarries in Vietnam, Norstone has been manufacturing Rock Panels for more than six years and continues to ramp-up their design innovation, including the invention of one-of-a-kind finger joint corners and other proprietary designs. The end result is an easy-to-install, long-lasting and individual product with a very high-end appeal.

Another big advantage for Norstone Rock Panel is its relatively lightweight makeup compared to hand-stacked stone. Ranging from 3/4” to 1 1/2” thickness, Rock Panels have increased versatility because they can be placed in locations without the same structural requirements that other masonry products require. Combined with their range and depth of color, this gives Norstone Rock Panels an unrivaled ability to fit just about anywhere in new or existing home design. And judging by the caliber and scope of work the company has found for their product, there’s no end in sight for their rock-paneled success.

But satisfaction for Nuccio and Norstone comes with the satisfaction of clients, made possible by their dedication and the inherent beauty of their boutique stone product – a product that provides a three-dimensional richness of texture and color with simple and graceful geometry.

“I think it’s so fulfilling to meet with a client, stand together looking at a bare wall, blueprints or drafts and discuss our ideas together,” added Nuccio, “Then, there is the fantastic moment of standing there together with the client again looking just smiling, silently, staring at the completed project…It’s an awesome feeling every time we get to see the client’s reaction.”