No Wasted Space in this Small Chateau

From on September 18, 2009 in General Remodel

Smart and Functional Remodeling

small space chateau exteriorThe homeowners of this garden chateau in Paris wanted to create an independent space for their teenage son. The tiny building had been rotting away in the backyard for years. They asked

h2o architects

to draw up a smart design plan, the most important criterion being absolute maximization of space.

small space chateau stairs

The structure flows from one floor to the next, incorporating a clean, unified look. Built-in furniture blends with the flooring, walls and stairs to form one complete interior. The four split levels include a living room, bedroom, wash room and study area. They used silver birch plywood throughout the entire space.

small space chateau stairway

Because the architects were working with very limited square footage, they looked at different options and changed things around. But the strongest space-saver by far is the built-in furniture and cabinetry. With the exception of a few tables and cushions, free-standing items are almost nonexistent.

small space chateau built in furniture

Each area has its own purpose. The multifunctional stairs can be used for climbing, sitting, and under-storage. The cabinets are perfectly balanced, with little cubbies strewn high and low. There are windows throughout for added natural light.

The living-space-as-furniture concept and interlocking zones create a sense of calm and illusion of extra space. I’m deeply impressed with this design, although the monotone birch would drive me crazy after a while. Sort of like living in an Ikea store without painkillers. What do you think?

small space chateau storage space