My Place: Simple, Light WIP

From on December 01, 2008 in General Remodel

I love to remind my clients that homes, just like our lives, are best approached as works in progress (WIP). This perspective takes you off the hook of ever being done to completion, or making it perfect. With all the other deadlines, activities, and things that demand our time and attention, why put extra pressure on yourself as far as your home is concerned? For most people, the natural desire to live in a place of harmony, comfort, and beauty will drive the ongoing home improvement process. That desire will probably always be there, so staying flexible with timelines and finished results is one way of being kind to yourself. Euphrasias Simple White That’s the approach I take, and it serves me well. My current home is a great reflection of a WIP. I’ve lived in many styles of residences, from old to new, and in some phases I’ve been bursting with energy and resources to make them fabulous. Other times, I’ve just wanted somewhere small and efficient, because my priorities weren’t on nesting at the time. Sometimes I joke about the warehouses of home furnishings I’ve given away or sold off along the way. Sound familiar? Given the number of Budget and U-Haul trucks on the road on any given weekend, a lot of people move around a lot. Maybe you have, too. My current place held great appeal when I first looked at it because it’s new and has “great bones.” The architectural simplicity satisfies me, and thus I haven’t felt the need to do a whole lot of decorating. At this juncture in my life, that’s just plain nice. Again – it’s a timing thing. If you’re in a similar phase of wanting simplicity, you might enjoy hearing a few more details about what makes this house work so well. Euphrasias Simple White The interior walls are all white; all the windows are covered in white faux wood blinds. The flooring in the great room, kitchen, halls, and bathrooms is ceramic tile in a mottled gray/beige/off white combo that looks great and never – I mean never – shows dirt. The bedrooms are all done in a flat berber carpeting that’s greige and off white. The light fixtures are simple and reminiscent of art deco, with pearly glass shades and brushed chrome accents. The ceiling fans in the great room and master bedroom are pewter-toned. Kitchen counters are a marble-looking gray laminate that coordinates well with the tile flooring. The appliances are white. The only basic element I’m not crazy about is the honey-toned oak of the kitchen cabinetry – at the moment, I’m befriending it. These simple, neutral choices all lend a flowing, graceful look from room to room. It gives me total freedom to decorate in any color and style, and I’ve had great fun with a minimal look – which has been easy on the budget, too. The neutrals make it easy to see the wow factor of the space itself. WIP? Yes – against a backdrop of clean, simple, streamlined basic elements. I’m living proof of the effectiveness of these choices when viewing new living environments and picturing myself happily ensconced therein. The pictures above were contributed by CalFinder’s Euphrasia Carroll