My Favorite Home Remodeling Magazines

From on August 25, 2008 in General Remodel

this old houseHere is my list of recommended home remodeling magazines. Most of you will surely know them, and for good reason. A few have been with me my whole life and all now have print and online versions for your perusal. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know some of your favorites!

It’s hard to make a list without including This Old House. I personally grew up on the TV show and now, with the magazine and website to boot, TOH is a premier resource for homeowners. The magazine regularly spits out comprehensive features covering, in detail, a wide array of remodeling topics.

Mother Earth News is one of my favorites. While they don’t focus solely on remodeling, Mother Earth News covers a wide range of topics to help with “self-sustained living.” That includes everything from remodeling to organic gardening to DIY to solar energy – a great magazine for the well-rounded homeowner.

Workbench magazine is another oldie-but-goodie in my life. It is chock-full of practical tips and ideas for improving your home. I enjoy its diversity, addressing projects both small and large, so that in every issue I find something I can do right now.

Better Homes and Gardens is a household name. It has rested on millions of coffee tables, patios and workbenches over the years. A no-brainer in home improvement magazines.

Finally, let me recommend your local or regional remodeling or home magazine. These are often the best because you see pictures and read ideas that specifically reflect your environment and your backyard. They are also great resources for locally sustainable building and landscape ideas. For me it’s publications like Northwest Home or Northwest Renovation Magazine that have local information, local advertising and remodeling tips only a local could know. Finding yours shouldn’t be difficult. They are typically right there under your nose and they are often free or very inexpensive.

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