Getting the Most Square Footage from Your Remodel

From on August 03, 2010 in General Remodel

Feeling a little cramped in your quarters? Before throwing in the towel and moving out, take a look at these 5 ways to get the most out of the square footage you already have. After all, improving is far easier than moving. sliding door

#1 – Get rid of hallways

It’s unanimous. Trends show that hallways are out and open-air spaces are in. If your home is already small, then there’s no need to compartmentalize with unnecessary passageways. Keep everything open, and your rooms will feel bigger as a result.

#2 – The beauty of sliding doors

Rather than eat away valuable square footage with traditional doors, install pocket or wall-mounted sliding doors instead. You gain three to four square feet instantly per door. This also helps section off entire rooms (or parts of rooms) for added privacy without having to allow for the clearance of a swinging door.

#3 – Build up, not out

So your floor plan is tiny, but are you utilizing your vertical space? Homes with tall ceilings and windows to match can feel spacious, even without the floor space to go along with it.

existing space loft

#4 – Make every space work double-time

Why use up the space you do have with rooms not occupied on a daily basis (i.e. formal dining rooms)? Let each space serve more than one purpose so that efficiency becomes the rule. Kitchens, for instance, can serve as a cooking space, gathering spot, dining room or homework area. The possibilities are endless. Brainstorm a second or even third use for each room, and you’re on your way to multifunctional heaven.

#5 – Add the outside to your square footage

What you lack in space, make up for in views. Allow big windows to take advantage of your surroundings, and if weather permits, use an outside patio as an extra room to lounge in.

Oftentimes, small spaces can mean cozy comfort, so don’t go trading in for a bigger pad just yet. See how you can rock out your own.

Source: USA Today
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy, Remodeling & KarmaTrends