Modular Homes by A-Cero: Sexy in Black or Over the Top?

From on April 14, 2010 in General Remodel

Check out this sleek-as-can-be modular home by A-Cero Architecture Studio. Headed by architects Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, the house is all glossy-black edge and uber masculine. Perhaps too much so for my taste, especially the high-testosterone interior, which is somehow expected, yet leaves me wishing that the designers had gone as wild on the inside as the exterior promises. modular home pool Smoke and mirrors? The occupants must feel really cool lounging in the pool alongside the trendy abode. From this view, however, I can appreciate the simple lines of the whole plan, from pool to landscape to sliding glass doors set inside the box-like structure. modular home landscapingmodular home living room The living room is a bit sterile for me and the art feels predictable, but the shapes are appealing, and I love the futon seat and black-and-white table. modular home bedroom Here we are in the too-traditional monochromatic bedroom. Though I can say I’ve never seen a house like this one before, I feel like I’ve seen this bedroom design since the ‘80s, except for the pair of great Asian-style low tables, a welcome surprise. With a view like that, though, maybe all this place needs is a woman’s touch – which it seems very much designed to try and attract! modular home paving stones