Modern Teen Decor, Area Rugs & Wall Art

From on September 01, 2009 in General Remodel

When your teens are all grown up, they’ll still remember their bedroom’s décor. Do you remember yours? It’s funny what an impact it makes. I had a green beanbag chair and walls covered with surfing pictures. My friend had a wall-to-ceiling mural of Yosemite – she still remembers the feeling it gave her to be surrounded by mountains.

teen decor area rugThe teenage years are stimulated by creativity and independence; how they choose to decorate their room reflects who they are. Don’t feel limited by conventional choices – teenage years are full of excitement and exploration. Let that be reflected in their room.

Area rugs by Flor

Stylish and affordable, the Be My Neighbor rug by Flor is a photo satellite view of a busy cityscape printed on soft, cropped velvet. Fit six tiles together to form a seamless neighborhood in a single rug, or add more to “push the city limits further.” teen decor stripes area rugEl Tigre rug’s wild stripes on rich, vibrant colors wake up the room. El Tigre gets along well with these other FLOR style animals: Toy Poodle, Rake Me Over and Take a Ribbing. FLOR recommends parquet-style installations.

Wall murals

Exclusive design teen decor hong kong muralHong Kong at Night by Great Wall Custom Coverings

What could be cooler than spreading your teen’s favorite illuminated cityscape across their walls? Flying them there…

teen decor zebra printZebra prints are always a favorite, too.

Paint a canvas

Buy a large canvas and let your kids create their own art piece. You can use online tools like Make Your Own Jackson Pollock Painting to get inspiration. teen decor jackson pollock

Use pictures of their friends and place them in big frames with black, white or colored matte boards:

teen decor friend picture


Painted or air-brushed skateboards (without the wheels) are awesome, and if your teen is into skateboarding, he or she would love this idea. Buy three or four and hang them side by side. And if their real board accidentally breaks, they’ve got a plan B. teen decor skateboardsteen decor black light velvet

Wall art

Black light velvet poster They were a hit in the 70s and they’re still big today. There’s no shortage of designs to choose from. These posters are packed with a multitude of colors and optical designs move when you stare at them. Black lights make the poster glow in the dark. Psychedelic.