Modern Playhouse: Simple Plywood Prefabs for Little Ones

From on August 19, 2010 in General Remodel

prefab playhouse

You may have seen Modern Playhouse’s Wedge and Circle Houses floating around on the internet. In fact, Inhabitat recently featured these uncomplicated, eco-friendly playhouses created by two California designers and mothers. Built with recycled and locally-sourced materials, these adorable structures are made to last.

prefab playhouse

The designers themselves describe their minimalist creations as “a blank canvas for your child’s creativity.” Inspired to encourage self-directed play, the space is flexible and simple. And the homes are small enough to insert them easily into a larger playroom or other interior space, which can be perfect for the approaching fall, or for little ones who get left behind as older siblings return to school.

prefab backyard playhouse

In a world where toddlers are tech-savvy, and childhood is being accelerated and upgraded as fast as the newest iPhone, this simple house offers a refreshing pace for playtime.

Visit Modern Playhouse online directly to learn more about their pre-sale 20% discount from now until August 31. Happy playing.

prefab playhouse indoor