Mansel Rogers Says Experience Matters

From on October 13, 2008 in General Remodel

Mansel Rogers Says Experience Matters and with 45 years of experience in remodeling and construction, he would know. Owner of Mansel Rogers Construction, Mansel says homeowners pay for proven knowledge, trust, and craftsmanship when they hire contractors with a long history in their area of expertise. Mansel Rogers Living Room Remodel According to Mansel, here are some of the differences that the years will show:

  • An experienced contractor will have a workable plan for his or her client’s project, and an accurate estimate of cost and time required to complete it.
  • You can tell right off the bat that you’re dealing with an amateur by the type of questions the contractor asks. A professional will know exactly what to ask a potential client regarding a particular project.
  • Experienced contractors revolve around effective communication. They’ve learned that this is paramount throughout a project.
  • Over time, experienced contractors develop a base of quality craftsmen as subcontractors.
  • Finally, experienced contractors maintain low costs without getting themselves into debt. Instead, they keep their overhead costs low.

Mansel Rogers kitchen Remodel

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