Making Room for Mom & Dad

From on November 04, 2008 in General Remodel

Mom and Dad
Not long ago while visiting with friends, the topic of planning for retirement came up. A bit to our surprise, our friend pointed to his three-year-old son and half-jokingly said “there is my retirement plan.” Of course we laughed thinking he was simply joking, but as this article “Remodeling Trends: Make Room for the Parents” points-out, this idea is not so far-fetched in today’s society.

It seems every day lately, we hear of more troubling economic news. Many Americans are facing the unpleasant reality that they no longer have enough saved for retirement, leaving them to either work longer or find an alternative. According to the article mentioned above, the number of people moving in with their adult children has risen by 75% from 2000-2007. The surprising aspect of this statistic is that these people are younger than 65.

This really is a nice trend if you stop to think about it. Families are growing closer together and in the process conserving resources. Although I would welcome either of our parents moving in with us, it would only work if they had their own space and we weren’t all living on top of each other. If you are facing such a scenario, you may want to do some remodeling to adequately prepare. You always have the option of building a mother-in-law’s quarters or an addition, or you can work with what you already have. Consider remodeling a basement, attic, or garage. In your renovations, be sure to plan for the future, avoiding stairs and other potential problems. You may even make the space wheelchair friendly just in case it is ever needed. If converting a room within your house, you should try to incorporate as many features for their comfort, privacy, and independence as you can.