Kids Have the Darndest Remodeling Ideas

From on July 09, 2008 in General Remodel

kids-room.jpgSo many remodels involve a new bedroom for Jack, or a new playroom for Jill. And when it comes time to do the work you’ve got one or more children running around the house excited, jubilated, and in the way. So why not get them involved? Finding a task or two the kids can do to help out will give them valuable focus and make the room so much more special for all involved. Here are some small things you can do to get your kids connected with the project and bring some family satisfaction to the finished product. Never underestimate the importance of a child’s fearless and creative approach to any task.

  • Involving your child in the design process may seem a bit farfetched, or even foolish, but kids can have the “darndest” ideas. Try showing your child the layout for their new room and asking them what they want and where. You could even take them into the room they have now and ask how this bookshelf or that closet could be cooler. While it’s true that Mommy and Daddy usually know best, they might be surprised at what they hear.
  • Painting is an easy one, at least for the kid’s room. Grab some non-toxic paints and get creative with your kids. Perhaps some stenciling made of colorful, child-sized handprints or some help with a wall mural or painting some clouds on the ceiling. This is not limited to just walls either; don’t forget a colorful dresser or wood bed frame or whatever.
  • If they’re old enough to be around tools don’t forget that kids can make great helpers. The more involved a child is when they’re younger than the more helpful they’ll be when they’re old enough to help bang nails and hang drywall (Yes!!).