Kickball or Clothes Washer? New Product Knocks Your Socks Off

From on February 23, 2010 in General Remodel

New invention offers simple solution to old-age problems

Are your kids less than enthused about doing their laundry? With Design Affairs Studio’s new Swirl invention, their enthusiasm might just knock your socks off.

kickball clothing washer

The Swirl is a multifunctional device that helps people in third-world countries complete the often daunting task of washing clothes when a water source is miles away. Serving first as a clothes basket, when it reaches capacity, the Swirl’s lid can be locked in place. Then, its spherical shape allows it to be pushed, pulled or used in a game of kickball to reach a water source. After being filled with water, the swirling movement of the ball simultaneously washes clothes while keeping kids entertained as well. As if that weren’t enough, once the Swirl is emptied, it can also serve as a water basket.

kickball washer

While the market for such an innovative product may not extend across all seven continents, it certainly offers a solution for countries that spend vast amounts of time and energy on back-breaking labor. And of course, any invention that allows domestic duties to become a bonding experience with time-out for fun deserves a check-plus in my book.