Jungle Prints – Ever Delightful

From on October 20, 2008 in General Remodel

Zebra PrintMaybe one of the reasons jungle prints will always be in style is because there are so many wonderful renditions on the theme for children’s books, posters, wall coverings, and nursery décor in general. And why? Because the adults who purchase these colorful, whimsical products love them, too.

As Irish artist Carla Daly says, “Children love fun tigers in the jungle. Your child’s room will come to life with these colorful wall art prints.”

More than One Kind of Jungle

Jungle prints are part of the larger category of animal prints and include lush imagery of banana trees and parrots as well as zebra, giraffe, and leopard patterns. For the purist, who knows that there’s a great difference between tropical jungles and the great African plains, it may seem odd to lump all exotic wildlife together under the term “jungle prints,” but this often seems to be the case. So we’re not splitting hairs here (well, maybe slicing an elephant hair down the middle!)

This distinction is mentioned at Unique Baby Gear Ideas in their “Jungle Baby Nursery Theme or African Safari Décor” section. Here, you’re invited to enjoy the adventure of a safari in a jungle baby nursery theme that Rudyard Kipling dreamed of for Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and friends in the popular Jungle Book.

Jungle Prints for Adults

Although there are many imaginative and adorable jungle prints designed with children in mind, there is also a well-established market for more sophisticated jungle and animal prints for adults. One of my very chic designer friends uses zebra rugs frequently for clients in L.A. and San Francisco. She uses leopard, antelope, and snakeskin prints lavishly, and adds sculptures and art objects from far away places to enhance the exotic theme. Out of the real jungle into the urban jungle, she likes to quip. Her treatments are warm and textured, and definitely bring a sense of wild, natural wonder into city abodes.

Aspen Country is one source that specializes in exotic designer home décor accessories including unique jungle collectibles. Browsing through the offerings here and at other places that feature products with a similar theme is sure to inspire easy, elegant ways to introduce a little bit of the jungle into almost any style of decorating.

Photo Credit: HGTV