In Living Color: Sweet Home Décor Items

From on November 05, 2009 in General Remodel

Brilliant design choices for every room in the house begin with color. Here are some designers’ ideas for livening up your cooking, living and bath spaces.

#1 - Pixilated Naptime

living color remodel couch We know more than a few twenty-something year-olds that would barter a limb on the black market to obtain this couch. Designed by Cristian Zuzunaga, this is furniture with a creative purpose. According to the website, Zuzunaga’s infusion of color into daily life aims to “counterbalance present dark and negative ways of seeing and therefore of thinking.”

living color remodel chairs

#2 - Playful Cook Systems

living color remodel ovens Hungry? Don’t forget to preheat your neon-technicolor oven. Designed by Marc Newson, the Smeg oven is as bright and playful as an iPod cover. The beautiful hues may actually inspire you to clean the appliance once in a while, too.

#3 – Sweet Treats

living color remodel measuring cupsWell, I could really go for some chocolate cake. Joseph Joseph’s sunshiny bowls and measuring cups, appropriately called “Nest,” fit inside each other for compact storage. The non-slip set may easily make cooking the brightest part of your day. living color remodel bowls

#4 – Apples and Oranges

living color remodel apples Now this is a really great bowl. Made from a single piece of twisted chrome wire, the Fruit Loop bowl by Black & Blum doesn’t need any color to look stunning – your fresh fruit and veggies will take care of that.

#5 – Vibrant Baths

living color bathroom remodel Since bathrooms aren’t exactly the most accessorized room in the house, flush some color between their walls with a Saint Patrick’s Day green chair and rug, tangerine countertops and fresh paint drippings.

living color bathroom remodel

Photo Credits: FurnitureStore & 8rd