Ideas for Going Vintage in the Bedroom

From on July 22, 2008 in General Remodel

Vintage BedroomModern and contemporary designs are all well and good, but there is definitely something more romantic and nostalgic about vintage design. “Vintage” can actually be used to describe any era in the past and can be anything from the wild colors of the seventies to the wacky styles of the eighties. The whole idea behind going vintage is to recreate your favorite time period, whether it is wild and wacky or simple and practical.

Begin by narrowing down the time period that you are interested in. Study it intently and clearly define and write down what characteristics draw you to it. You want your style to appear classy instead of simply outdated and old. To achieve this, try to pick the more refined elements of the era, and pull your style out of this. Simply using old oak furniture from the eighties will only look like you have old furniture, not an intentional vintage style.

Avoid mixing eras. This will definitely detract from the vintage feel and leave your room appearing as though you inherited styles and furniture from various relatives throughout the decades and just tossed it all together.

To really create a vintage feel, try to choose materials, colors, fabrics, and furniture of quality. Antique furniture, for example, will always maintain its integrity and charm, growing more unique with age. You don’t have to go completely vintage in your design. You can also keep it simple by only adding some of your favorite pieces as accents.

Okay, so maybe you’re a little stuck in the past, or maybe you just want to stay true to the age of your home. Regardless of your reasons, there is no one stopping you from creating your dream bedroom. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area today.