How’s this for a Vacation Home?

From on June 11, 2010 in General Remodel

argentina vacation home

It’s not often that you hear about houses in Argentina. It’s even less common to hear about a house in Argentina on the edge of a cliff and by the edge of the sea. You’re about to read about one. It’s called the Pontoporia House. The architect’s name is Ezequiel Rivarola.

Architecture is as much about designing a structure as it is about marrying that structure with its surroundings. Seaside homes are notoriously difficult to blend into their surroundings for a variety of factors. Flat landscapes, threat of big waves, high winds, and other natural difficulties pose intriguing problems for architects.

argentina vacation home

Rivarola overcame the difficulties and proposed an amazing solution. It presents itself as one of the most skillfully designed cliffside-oceanside homes ever built.

argentina vacation home windowsargentina vacation home lights

The house is a series of cubes. The angles, straight lines and windows imitate the large stones and cliff’s edges that decorate the seashore. It fits in like an addition to the geology of the area.

In order to protect from the wind, the cubes provide innovative areas of shelter. However, the wind also gives the opportunity to have a little fun. Some of the intriguing wall formations, diagonals, and angles are designed to catch the wind, play with the wind, and use it to add life to the home.

argentina vacation home

Even the outside coloring of the house mimics seashore dynamics. There isn’t much to distinguish the sandy color of the exterior from the ecru tones of the beach. The inhabitants of Pontoporia are going to love this house as much as they’re going to love watching the dolphins, from which Pontoporia derives its name, from the flat rooftop. It has achieved a oneness with its surroundings that is interactive, enjoyable, and unbelievably beautiful.

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