How to Get High Returns On Windows, Siding and Roofing

From on December 05, 2011 in General Remodel


An all-over exterior home makeover can seem daunting. There are many elements to consider, and there’s the inevitable cost that might have you hesitating.

Hesitate no more. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2010-2011 Cost Vs. Value Report, homeowners who replace windows, siding and roofing can expect as much as 70% return on their investment.

But the key to high ROI is locking in low installation costs. And to do that, you must first get estimates—several, at least—and compare them for the best deal.

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Exterior home improvements aren’t just about structural integrity. Exterior changes revolutionize your home, making it more valuable when it comes time to sell (and able to sell more quickly).

Don’t Delay on Exterior Projects

If an exterior home remodel is on your mind, then you probably know it’s time to book the project. You don’t want to wait for severe winter weather to hit before launching an exterior renovation. And there’s great news for you as you consider what needs to be done: choosing the right materials can save you money and get you an excellent return on investment.

Here are three things to focus on for a successful exterior home improvement.


#1 - Window Replacement

Window replacement, especially on the front of your home, can modernize your home’s look and feel. Not to mention that replacing windows can take care of those unknown leaks of energy that waste up to one-third of your home’s heating and cooling—staggering to think about, and staggeringly stressful when the energy bill arrives this winter.

Take a look at our suggestions for replacing your windows while keeping costs down.

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#2 - Siding

The siding of your house is like its protective skin. After a while, and especially in climates with extreme weather and temperatures, that siding needs replacing. Neglecting to do so within the proper time frame can not only make your home look less than its best—it can actually compromise the integrity of your exterior protection.

Consider replacing your siding with affordable and sturdy, lasting materials such as fiber cement and vinyl siding. Many improvement have been made on these materials over the years to make them even more quality and beautiful. These are relatively simple (and more affordable) for a siding contractor to install, and the upkeep is simple and straightforward.

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#3 - Roofing

Replace your roofing before leaks or damage start to appear. Replacing your roof is a great opportunity to change the look of your home as well as invest in your home’s longevity. Maybe you want to add a skylight in your roof’s landscape. Maybe you want to install a green roof for added insulation. It helps to check out the different types of roofing materials available, like composite shingle roofing, a popular choice.

Talk to a roofing contractor to lean more about what these projects will require.

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