Home Remodeling Inspiration from my Favorite Movies

From on April 27, 2009 in General Remodel

movies.jpgPhoto credit: Michael Karshis

Did a favorite movie provide inspiration to you in your latest remodeling project or is that a notion just “Gone with the Wind?” Come on, are you telling me nobody decorated their room with “Star Wars” wallpaper as a kid?

Nowadays, I’ll bet somebody watches HBO’s “Rome” and gets an idea to build a Roman bath, but with all the good stuff, like modern plumbing and a steam room. However, I’m not going to say that “Under the Tuscan Sun” inspired me. I fully understand the concept of making something from nothing and all the joys of self empowerment, which is what this movie was about. But the truth is I didn’t see it. If I had, maybe I would have been stirred into action? So, as I consider booking that one way ticket to the Mediterranean, here are some movies for the remodeler.

You’ll notice a running theme. These movies could all indirectly inspire a future remodeling project, even if it is just hanging new wallpaper.

  1. The Money Pit. Absolute must see for anyone who’s gotten a great deal on a home. There are plenty of things that go wrong in this dream home turned nightmare. Murphy’s Law is in full swing, as a young couple (Tom Hanks, Shelly Long) spend the entire movie trying to fix and/or repair a house they got conned into buying. Kind of scary for anyone who’s cashed in on a good deal lately; I’d place a call to the building inspector ASAP.
  2. Home Alone. This movie sure taught us how to burglar proof our homes. Two bumbling New York thieves get outwitted by an eight-year-old boy. The unrealistic ploys involving paint cans, marbles, and chicken feathers stop the bad guys cold. Good for some laughs and kind of draws attention towards the importance of home security systems.
  3. Christmas Vacation. Home during the holidays can give way to craziness. That’s exactly what Clark Griswold finds out, as he tries to keep plans of a swimming pool renovation secret. Now how many lights did he use on that house? Even the best renovation plans can hit a snag.
  4. Pacific Heights. A serious movie here. A bay area couple fixes up an old Victorian house in San Francisco, only to rent out the restored property to a wacko played by Michael Keaton. The consequences end up being disastrous for everyone involved. That’ll teach you to do a thorough background check on all those potential renters.