Home Remodeling and Design Ideas

From on April 30, 2009 in General Remodel

Contemporary. Traditional. Cottage-style. Retro. Modern. Ultra-Modern. Home remodeling and design ideas only take off from these and other accepted design categories. The variety and inventiveness of today’s home designers, homeowners, and remodelers is vast and remarkable, with the Internet providing both inspiration and a forum for ideas worldwide. Fortunately for the bustling blogosphere, there is no limit to creative idea making, and fortunately for homeowners and remodelers there is no limit to potential inspiration. There is something to fit every palette, every taste. genuine-style-bathroom.jpg You will find the practical and the flamboyant. The minimalist and the excessive. Discover the futuristic, like this ultra-modern bathroom design, or tone it down a bit with this traditional dining room. One growing trend is toward green remodeling and design. The idea of sustainable living and design once bordered on the excessive for many pocketbooks but is becoming increasingly practical, not to mention sensible and eco-friendly. Green remodeling is a category all its own, yet can meld with the most traditional or modern designs. It can be as simple as the type of paint used on interior walls, or as integral and potentially complex as passive solar design. There are a multitude of websites and weblogs dedicated to inspiring the remodeler in all of us. One such outlet, delightfully visual and concise at the same time for home remodeling and design ideas, is Genuine Style. Choose a design category or room, then enjoy a photographic tour of past remodelers’ inspirations-come-true. For more great design and remodeling tips, visit our remodeling ideas page and get started today!