Home Pool Rooms – Rack ‘em Up!

From on October 20, 2008 in General Remodel

Home Pool RoomAdding a pool table to your game room adds a whole dimension of play to your home entertainment options. Popular with adults, teens, and older children of both genders, pool is a skill-based game that many people enjoy enough to add to their home-based recreational activities.

The sound of smacking balls is always pleasant to the players’ ears, but it’s definitely something to consider before you decide to devote a room to pool. Another main consideration is space. A general rule for 4 x 8 foot tables is to allow at least 3 ½ feet of space all around the table, so there’s plenty of room for players and their cue sticks. In the process of making all those cool shots, players need room to angle and slide those sticks in order to play with freedom and confidence.

If you’re setting up your home pool room in your basement or garage, make sure the floor is level before you set up your table. You can always make adjustments for leveling the playing surface once the table is installed, but it’s good to know you’re starting out on level ground.

Overhead lighting is important for ensuring the best playing advantage. If lighting is insufficient or indirect, it can skew the view and inhibit play. Hanging a light directly in the center of the table surface is recommended, about 3 feet above the table.

You’ll need a set of pool balls, a triangular ball rack, and cue sticks, all of which are available through billiards and pool table suppliers. You’ll also find lots of options for accessories like pool cue racks, chalk, and ball trays.

Cheap Shot Billiards has a wide selection of products and a very spiffy looking logo featuring a formally dressed player who looks like he knows what the game’s all about. While the logo might not be able to help your game much, the company has experts you can talk to for advice, not only on purchasing decisions but the game, too.

Golden West Billiards is America’s largest manufacturer of designer billiards equipment. These tables are works of art and make a statement of quality and style. They mean business – all meet tournament specifications, and the descriptions of the tables are written for those in the know about the game.

Matt “Quick Draw” Sherman, About.com’s expert on the subject of pool and billiards, is a great source of information about the game and equipment, too. Reading up on what he has to say about home pool rooms is fun and informative. He says, “There are 54 quadrillion different pool shots you can make on any pool table – that’s one mathematician’s skilled estimate.” But don’t let that slow you down! His features on About.com are well done and inspire confidence that you’ll be making wise decisions for your own home pool room, or discovering sources who can guide you to do so.