Home Ideas I Got from My Girlfriends

From on November 10, 2008 in General Remodel

BBC Construction Kitchen TileWe’re all probably more influenced by our friends’ homes than we realize. In the process of feeling welcomed into a friend’s home, we can’t help but notice the surroundings that combine with our host’s warmth in making us feel comfortable. And it’s always interesting to see how other people create their spaces, in contrast to the way we shape our own personal environments.

Here are some examples of great ideas I’ve gotten from spending time in girlfriends’ homes:

Decorative Tile in the Kitchen

One friend is a real estate agent, and with the slowdown in the market, she’s had more time on her hands than usual. She decided to do some household refurbishing, and last time I went to visit she had done this totally marvelous tile backsplash behind her stove. She created a sunburst of small tiles, using warm terra cotta, peach, and pearl gray colors that complemented the stainless appliances and gray countertops. The results were so effective that she’s in the midst of designing a tile border for the wall space above the countertops.

Sportsman’s Paradise in the Garage

Another friend is an outdoor enthusiast. She is single, has a 2-car garage, and only one car. She has turned the second side of the garage into a sportsman’s paradise. With the help of a talented handyman, she has designed efficient storage for her canoe and kayak, with a space for life preservers, safety vests, and paddles. Her mountain bike hangs from long pins mounted into the wall. On another wall, built-in shelves hold tents, coolers, and all kinds of camping paraphernalia. Ski equipment has a home there, too. She says every time she pulls into the garage, seeing all her gear on display gives her a lift and reminds her of good times to come.

Hall Closet becomes a Work of Art

One of the most unusual home inspirations I’ve seen was created by a friend who is a multi-talented artist, with stained glass as one of the media she works with great skill. She has a coat closet off her front entry area; its door is in full view from the living room. She took the plain, hollow core door off and bought a replacement that was mostly glass. After removing the plain glass panel, she made a stained glass piece finishing the same size – a brilliant, contemporary design that complements her living room furnishings – and put it in place of the original, plain glass. She keeps the light on in the interior of the closet, so it illuminates the stained glass panel from within and graces the entry and living room with its beauty. Functional art, because the closet is well used.

All these examples enrich these friends’ home environments because they reflect the talents and passions of the inhabitants. These are the kinds of things that really make a home come alive!

What kind of fun, classic or even crazy ideas have you learned from your friends?

The kitchen backsplash picture was provided by BBC Construction