Give Your Walls Something to Talk About: Submaterial Textured Panels

From on March 02, 2010 in General Remodel

textured wall panelGreat home decor requires a bit more creativity than hanging up a few paintings and calling it a day. When it’s time to think outside of that proverbial box, look no further than Submaterial, a company that takes wall art to a whole new level.

textured wall close up

Many people turn to color to liven up a space, but texture deserves some consideration as well. Keeping this in mind, Submaterial has created a series of wall panels that use recycled material to create a raised surface through geometric shapes. These two pieces shown are made with leather from shoe scraps attached to a plywood surface. Together, the materials look like suede.

textured wall orange panel

Or make a statement. This orange wall panel not only adds that splash of color, but stays true to the concept of interesting texture as well.

textured wall orange boxtextured wall boxes

Give your walls something to talk about. They’ll thank you for it later.