Gary Chang's Transformer Apartment

From on July 20, 2010 in General Remodel

gary chang

In the heart of Hong Kong, where living space is limited to say the least, architect Gary Chang has created 24 rooms out of his 344-square-foot apartment. In the same space once occupied by his immediate and extended family, Chang built sliding wall units, folding tables and chairs, and smart storage spaces. His work turned the original studio apartment into phenomenal multi-room living.

gary chang sliding walls

Here, the sliding shelves have been pulled out to reveal the many rooms available through different configurations, from the bathtub on the left to the kitchen space on the right. The specially installed windows that eliminate much need for artificial light can be seen beyond the modern Murphy bed in the background.

gary chang transformer apartment

Space is opened up to reveal glossed flooring and mirrored ceilings. This not only hides the tracking marks, but creates more natural light. Chang has even made room for the little loft above, where a view from the hammock reveals a screening room.

You haven’t seen this space in all its glory until you’ve seen it in motion. Truly an example of how innovation can turn a small space into living large.

Photo Credit: TheDesignBlog, Cyanpdx & NYT