From Beast to Beauty: A Dramatic Ranch Remodel

From on May 12, 2010 in General Remodel

ranch remodel backyard landscaperanch remodel before

Once upon a time, there was a dark ranch home better suited for demolition than remodeling. But where the untrained eye might have seen a horrific floral couch and wood paneling, the experts at Feldman Architecture saw the potential for a light and airy ranch retreat. Check out the final product.

ranch remodel natural light

The main focus in the remodel was bringing ample natural light in and changing the interior structure to allow for a more open flow. Dropped ceilings were raised, walls were removed, and a beautiful wood floor helped brighten up the space.

ranch remodel patio

Great attention was paid to the backyard landscape since so many of the windows opened up to that particular view. An outdoor/indoor fireplace help further incorporate nature into the design.

ranch remodel bathroom

Where the previous interior looked cluttered and outdated, the remodel left each room feeling clean, organized, and simple. Decorative touches and furniture were kept minimal in order to keep the focus on the view visible from each room.

It takes a substantial amount of design genius to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Clearly this home was in good hands.