Free Your Feline: Cat Runs

From on July 28, 2008 in General Remodel

cat by fenceIt’s a busy world for most families. Soccer, work, band practice, and more work are just a few of the many things that fill our daily lives. Caught up in this tornado of tasks, it is difficult to keep up with our pets’ many needs. In response, pet owners have had to get creative to ensure freedom and safety for the furry members of the family. We’ve already discussed pet-savvy remodeling and the whys and wherefores of dog runs, but now it’s time to turn our attention to cats and cat runs.

In addition to providing a playhouse for your felines, a cat run will offer safety, too. Indoor cats live up to five times longer than outdoor cats because they are safe from most cats’ worst enemies: cars, fights, and dogs. A cat run offers a fun, safe outdoor setting for an otherwise indoor cat. Cats are smaller, more acrobatic, and more independent than dogs. Their small size and playfulness open up all kinds of design possibilities for cat runs.

Modular Cat Runs

Modular Cat Runs are an easy choice for busy pet owners. They are easy to install, come in all kinds of styles, and can be customized to you or your cat’s specifications. Designs are as simple or complex as you’d like (and price is directly proportional to complexity). Check out The Cat’s Den for great setups both small and large.

Do It Yourself

If you’re a handyperson, you may want to tackle the cat run on your own. You can either design and build it yourself or get some help with ideas and designs. For drawings and ideas visit your local pet store or check out Just4Cats online. Look here for some good visual examples of cat runs built by other homeowners.