Framing for Fido: Tips on Remodeling with Pets

From on June 24, 2008 in General Remodel

dog doorWe love our family, whether they move around on two or four legs. Pets are an important part of many households and when it comes to designing a remodel, many homeowners want to do something extra for the cat or dog. There are a multitude of things you can do, from cat ramps and cat trees to dog overlooks on the second floor. Here are some ideas to help keep pets in mind while remodeling and ensure the satisfaction of the two and four-legged factions of the family.

Pet Doors
Many people envision the pet door as part of the human door, complete with the unattractive hole and scratches galore from anxious pets. But these doors can be framed into walls and are very popular in attached garages where Fido can eat, sleep, and have access to the backyard.

Pet Windows
Large, floor-to-ceiling windows are a popular trend in remodeling due to the advantages of daylighting. But they can also serve another, pet-friendly purpose. You can order small, sliding windows at floor level so that pets, especially cats, can lay on the floor and enjoy the breeze.

Wood/Linoleum Floors
When choosing flooring, it’s a good idea to keep clean-up in mind when you have pets. Hardwood and high-end linoleum floors are easy to clean after your pet has an “accident.”

Stain Resistant Carpeting
If you prefer carpeting, then choose stain resistant carpeting and fabrics. Also, keep color in mind. If you don’t like visible hair all over the house, choose a carpet color that closely matches your pet’s fur.

Storage Rooms
A remodel is a great time to think twice about storage for all kinds of things, including pet supplies such as food, cat litter, and other pet supplies. A mud room is a great addition for pet owners who want a place to dry a wet dog and store everything from pet food to garden tools.