Favorite Home Investment Projects: Additions and Kitchen Remodels

From on December 03, 2007 in General Remodel

home investment projectsAccording to the 2007 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, the most costly upscale remodeling projects consist of master suite additions and major kitchen remodels that can reach costs well into six digits. As it turns out, these major projects are also among the most popular. Richard Cervantes of Allcare Design Build Inc. says his most requested high-end jobs in recent months have been for complete master suites with baths and for extensive kitchen remodels.

Since two-thirds of kitchens in new homes are joined with family rooms, kitchen design frequently covers both areas. Cervantes adds,

“The kitchen remodeling projects often consist of opening up the walls to get bigger rooms.”

Costs for kitchen remodels vary depending on the materials and tools used, what’s involved, and the level of difficulty. Kitchen style also plays a factor. Reed Construction Data’s “Interior Home Improvement Costs” cites costs based on the following kitchen styles: peninsula, island, U-shaped, L-shaped, galley, and single wall. Unique challenges can arise in every kitchen. Older homes, for instance, can present sagging or sloped floors and bowed walls. These challenges can be risky for do-it-yourselfers and give a clear-cut advantage to working with certified professionals.

Belin Davidov of Mega Builders, Inc. works on custom projects such as additions, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling. He says costs for a kitchen project are typically $40,000 to $50,000. Davidov believes the details are critical.

“Handyman jobs are not easy,” he says.
“It’s very complicated work ensuring that not even one tile gets broken.”

Each room can call for detailed work or something more affordable. The bathroom can see new fixtures, floors, and walls of the standard variety, or get the latest changes with a whirlpool tub, an extended HVAC system, electric in-floor heating, and heated towel bars. Lately, Cervantes’ has gotten numerous request for low-end bathroom remodeling jobs.

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