Fabric Room Tie-Ins

From on August 04, 2009 in General Remodel

As homeowners, we tend to acquire an eclectic batch of stuff to fill each room, and the result can be downright strange. Mismatched styles of furniture, wall coverings, flooring, and the like can make even the most traditional rooms feel a little out of whack. By using fabric to enrich the look & feel of a room, you can also tie the whole theme together. Fabric adds a soft touch and a bit of texture, and can be used in every room of the house, even in places where you don’t typically see a lot of fabric - like the kitchen. The idea is to accent certain colors, patterns and textures so that the room has an overall flow and pleasing aesthetic. lauren-shelby-fabric.jpgPhoto Credit: SFGate Designer Lauren Shelby has always utilized the artistic advantages fabric. Her work seams rooms together to lend a rich appearance. She picks out a minute hue from a featured piece of furniture and draws it out by accentuation. A deep red chair and ottoman with a small tan pattern, for example, was used as a focal point in a client’s living room. Shelby then added luxuriously long tan curtains to the room, a tan throw over on the chair’s corner, and a large area rug with muted reds and tans to tie it all together. Or use a bold color for the carpeting and neutral tones for furniture. And then with accent pieces that have subtle hints of that same bold color, like throw pillows, fabric or textured artwork on the walls, you wind up with a room that pops. benefits-fabric-rooms.jpgPhoto Credit: Absolute Living Today If you’re looking for ways to spruce up the kitchen, it’s not as tough as you think. Just a fleck of color from your floors, cabinets or countertops can be amplified by using that hue in your kitchen towels, café curtains, seat covers for dining chairs or even through fabric wall coverings. One of the greatest features of using fabric as interior décor, aside from its ability to soften a room, is that you don’t have to be afraid to be bold. Accent pieces are easily covered, dyed or replaced on a whim, giving you total freedom to try something today and take another bold initiative tomorrow.