Envirosponsible Cribs?

From on June 10, 2010 in General Remodel

crib waterfront design

In a throwback to pioneer days, a new building concept is emerging onto the scene. It’s called The Crib, and while it refers to neither a sleeping spot for a baby nor the residence of a homeboy, this little dwelling place does have a lot of appeal. The title “crib” goes back to the homesteading days of early America, where homesteaders constructed miniature cribs for the purpose of safely storing food.

crib led lighting

The modern day “crib,” an eco-friendly multiuse building by Broadhurst Architects, is constructed after the same pattern. But it’s a whole lot better. For one, it’s all-out green. Equipping your crib with skylights, open window ventilation, rain barrels, and a tiny footprint is the perfect way to go green. Other green features, most of them optional, are LED or CFL lighting, recycled materials, and an efficient HVAC system.

crib garage door

Most cribs are constructed off the ground, enabling a two-story construction option, which also protects the structure from termites and other insects. They usually feature a garage-door-style wall, which can be opened for more of an outdoorsy feel, or simply to cool the place down. A third level—a loft, really—conserves space and offers a great spot for additional sleeping.

The crib is small. The Basic version is a mere 175 square feet. For those who want to live large, there is a 250-square-foot version. It’s designed for the simple life. And it lacks the creature comforts of a spa vacation. But if you have a crib, you may find that your getaways are more satisfying than ever before.

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