Enhancing a Room with Fabrics

From on October 27, 2008 in General Remodel

Bedroom Bed DrapesOh my goodness, the things one can do with fabric for an instant transformation to a room! It might sound crazy, but one of my favorite things to do is to walk through a fabric store and just feel the fabric textures through my fingers. Fabric not only adds color, pattern, and charm to your room’s design, but it adds texture and “feel” to your style. With budget being the main concern for room makeovers or remodels, using fabric for the change you might be looking for won’t break the bank.

With the season of decorating around the corner, fabric can define your theme. Heavy, richly colored, textured fabrics bring a formal, ornate feel to your room, and sheer, soft fabrics can speak romance. Whatever your style may be, you will want to create hospitality and warmth. Fabric can make a dramatic change and yet be perfectly functional. Do some research for some great ideas; look through magazines, decorating books, and the Internet.

Fabrics can be used most anywhere in any room – window treatments, upholstery, walls, floors, and accent pieces like pillows are all good places for fabrics. Use the 60/30/10 rule that interior decorators use. That is to say, 60% of design is your primary fabric (I would suggest a solid, neutral tone), 30% is a secondary fabric for color and texture, and 10% is a fabric choice for accent and the rest of your decor. Make sure the colors are compatible and share the main color being used throughout.

Fabrics are great for the quick fix, but when used for upholstery and the like, it is more of a permanent thing. Think of how permanent changes can fit in with seasonal changes. Also, think about what your fabrics have to stay, then work around the permanent.

Use fabrics in unexpected places, like walls. Is there a piece of fabric you just love? It could even be a large remnant that you can’t do much with. Why not make it your focal point by stretching it over a frame and hanging it as artwork? Then, use it to blend the rest of your room around those colors and textures. Many items of fabric can truly enhance a wall or design for a room, be it a tapestry, a framed print, or even a time period piece of clothing, say a kimono for Asian Style Decor.

Styles like Victorian, Gothic, or any of the Romantic styles do well with luxury fabrics like velvets, brocades, and sheers touched up or tied back with cords and tassels. With these types of fabrics, it’s easy to change or spruce up the room for a seasonal change, spring to summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter for the holidays.

Cheer up the room with simple table coverings, pillows, a fabric-covered lamp, or even a simple throw across the back of an armchair. The ideas are endless. If you find some great ideas of your own, send in a comment and let us know what worked for you.